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“Seize the opportunity” has always been the philosophy of a growing North Dakota company, Posi Lock™ Puller, Inc. “805 Sunflower Avenue: Where great things are happening” is the latest mantra.

If you were to drive through Cooperstown, located 90 miles northwest of Fargo, you couldn’t help but notice the Posi Lock™ facility. Its office building is surrounded by a multitude of vehicles and two large warehouses. One has to wonder what is going on at 805 Sunflower Avenue.

It all began in 1974, in the small, east-central North Dakota town of McHenry. There, Dean Somerville was operating a machinery repair shop and had a farming operation. With his inventive spirit and mechanical background, Dean saw the need for a self-aligning, universal puller that would remove gears and bearings safely and quickly.

His new puller design included a safety Cage® that would control the opening and closing of the pulling jaws, as well as provide the tool with clamping pressure. The new caged puller was patented in 1978 and given the name “Posi Lock™ Puller,” in reference to its unparalleled clamping design. Its popularity spread quickly, and Dean converted his repair shop into an assembly and distribution facility to keep-up with increasing sales. His wife, Peggy, did the accounting work and helped on the assembly line.In 1984, during an exciting growth period, Posi Lock™ Puller suffered the loss of its facility when a fire completely destroyed the building and all of its contents. With his “never surrender” attitude, Dean purchased a building in Cooperstown and kept the demand for his pullers satisfied.

Noted for its ease-of-use, safety, and superior craftsmanship, Posi Lock™ Puller is still expanding its markets, which now include distribution networks in every country of the world. Posi Lock™ offers a complete line of 2 and 3 jaw pullers (manual and hydraulic). The manual pullers range from 1 to 40 ton capacity. The hydraulic pullers range from 5 to100 ton capacity. In addition to the complete line of pullers, accessory items are also available.

Posi Lock™ Puller, Inc. is known throughout the country as being reputable, hard-working and dedicated to the quality of their products and services. The company’s mission statement says it all:

In 2002, Posi Lock™ Puller, Inc. became the first North Dakota company to be presented with the Export Achievement Certificate from the U.S. Department of Commerce. Only 13 companies in a five-state area have received this award. In quantity of weight, Posi Lock™ Puller, Inc. has been the number one export company with UPS in North Dakota for the past five years, as well as in the top 10 percent nationwide for the past 20 years.Posi Lock™ pullers are the most popular pullers on the market.  In honor of our 25th anniversary we designed a Stars and Stripes puller.   It was only intended to be sold in 2003, but an overwhelming demand for the patriotic puller left us no option but to keep it in production.  The steel Cage® is wrapped with a patriotic material, soaked in a liquid and baked into the Cage®.   Even though it is a collector’s item, it is a fully-functional tool.

With an eye on the future, Posi Lock™ continues its aggressive research and development of products and accessory items to “MEET THE CHALLENGE” in the industrial, automotive and agricultural markets. At Posi Lock™, one will always find a highly skilled, motivated team focused on the goal of providing excellent products and service without losing sight of its most important asset…THE CUSTOMER!