PT FOKUS KENCANA has a team of Sales & Marketing is ready to help you.

We sell products such as hand tools ratchet, wrench, socket, torq, master set, etc. Our product consists of multiple brands, our main brand is Armstrong hand tools, where we are sole agent of Armstrong to the Indonesian Brand. We're confident that with strict quality control of our product will meet your requirement. Mostly of the products standard according to American standard (ASME) on manufacturing make our products meet international standard of safety

PT. FOKUS KENCANA is the Authorized Distributor for : 

        - ARMSTRONG Hand Tools ( originally made in USA )

        - OSTEQ Professional Tools ( originally made in USA )

        - AMPCO Non Sparking and Non Magnetic Tools ( made in USA )

        - TORC Hydraulic Torque Wrench ( made in USA )

        - CGW  Cutting and Grinding Wheels( made in USA )

        - POSILOCK The Safest Puller in the World( made in USA )

        - GEARWRENCH Hand tools 

        - JACOBS CHUCK  Hand Tools & Storage

        - CAMPBELL Chains, Blocks, Clamps and Fittings

        - HKP  Bolt, Cable & Strap Cutters

        - ALLEN  Screw Set

        - PLUMB Hammer, Axes & Sledges

        - CRESCENT  Adjustable Wrench

        - WISS Cutting Tools